The Human empire is no more. While most survivors have fled, one bastion of the old guard remains. The Stronghold of Last Tide is the last remaining territory that the Humans possess. There, the last remaining warriors and refugees have gathered for a last stand. It is home to the young Empress, descended from the first Emperor, her bloodline is unquestionably divine. Yet Last Tide is now the extent of her once mighty empire.

Low on resources and allies Last Tide’s situation worsens every day. A demonic army sits at its doorstep waiting for starvation and despair to hand them victory. With few heroes left the Empress turns to old foes. The Denizens of the 12th basement in the gray ward are murderers, traitors, and worse, but perhaps for the right price they can be made to serve the greater good.

Here is a list our principle players:

Shanky(Played by Abby)
Described as “the evil version of the Vlassic Pickle Stork” This Kenku spends a lot of time alternating between being invisible and stabbing things. When left to his own devices he may choose to kill whatever or whoever is closest to him, including himself… or he may decide to make a nest out of some newspapers and the clothes of his fallen enemies.

Jorn Kromson (Played by Ben) DECEASED
An unsociable Half-Orc to be sure (just like me in high school). His stratagems are centered on hitting things with his mace until they are treasure. Some people wonder what happened to Jorn. He died. Some people wonder if he is still dead. He is.

Grimlock Kordson (Played by Alex)
A traitorous Tiefling Warlord. He has the power to kill things with his fiery, magic, infernal, attack thingy.

Oaglamah (Played by Tim)
A proud and capable warrior. He was cursed by his mother that he may only die in battle. This is what happens when you won’t find a nice Jewish girl to settle down with.

Zoidberg (Played by Joe)
He can look like anybody or anything. He chose to look like Zoidberg. I should mention that he eats brains, because he does! A feast is a feast!

Sally (Played by Dane)
This Genasi was freed by the others early in the adventure. He hates women and enjoys the company of men. The whole ‘adventuring party’ thing seems to suite him just fine so far.

The Denizens of Gray 12

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