Last Tide

Last Tide is an ancient Dwarven stronghold on the Northern edge of Pargotha. It was later a rallying point for humans during the Great War and is currently the last Human controlled fortress.

Last Tide features an underground Harbor that can be accessed by a cave in the cliff face it is carved out of. Above the cave entrance are numerous cannon holes and arrow slits, making a sea side assault very difficult, yet allowing supplies to come into the base safely. On its other side Last Tide is equally well defended. A large sloping road, named the thousand steps, is a steep, narrow path that is difficult to climb on foot, an almost impossible for a cart or wagon without the assistance of the built in pulley system at the main entrance. On either side of the path are wide, stone steps that would make an infantry assault all but impossible. These steps are also dotted with bunkers and traps that can be manned via underground tunnels from the main building, making a land assault increasingly futile.

Underground, the fortress is equipped with all the amenities of any Dwarven stronghold. It features 11 vast levels, the first two are supplies and armory stations. The next three are housing and other living spaces. The next four feature underground food sources that benefit from phosphorescent fungi and sun vents, three for produce and grain, and one for livestock.

The last level is vast war room that also houses officers and other dignitaries.

There is rumor of a 12th level that is chamber of treasure and forbidden secrets.

Last Tide

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