Humans were an agrarian race in the beginning. They relied on their relationship with other races for protection and often lived among them. This accounts for the common occurrence of Half Elves and Half Orcs. During the Great War, Humans suffered badly when many of their allies could no longer protect them. Having no hope left in the material realm, they turned to the gods. A large group of humans took refuge in an abandoned Dwarf stronghold, Last Tide, where priests and hunters prayed to their various deities. Legend says they prayed non stop for a year and a day. Struck by the devotion of this minor race, many of the gods rewarded the humans with new found power. The divine might of the paladin was first given to the humans by Kord, Pelor, and Bahamut. Bahamut above all else saw great potential in Humans and bestowed celestial power to one individual, Ademus the lion-hearted, who was blessed with angel like wings and divine powers. Ademus lead the new Paladin order into battle against the Giants.

When the war was won Ademus became the first Emperor of the human realm. The Dwarves abandoned their surface domain after the war, leaving the humans to keep up the defense. The emperor lived for 150 years before passing away. His son, Ademus II, was almost 200 when the Skath came. He is presumed dead and his daughter, Adema, though still in her 20s, is considered Empress of the old empire.

The last remaining territory the Humans control is the land around the seaside fortress of Last Tide.

The Others…

Not all humans prayed Kord, Pelor, and Bahamut. Some sought power from the Raven Queen, other even prayed to Bane, and the Spider Queen. A few Wizards opened portals to the Nine Hells asking for power when they felt other gods had abandoned them. Their prayers were answered, and the first Tieflings were born. Though they played a small part in the Humans later victory, these first ones were reluctant to pledge allegiance to an Emperor. Even 300 years later there is still much prejudice and fear concerning their descendants.


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