Grimlock Kordson

Inspiring Warlock


* Grimlock Kordson was born to a noble family, his father a wealthy merchant who traded freely, his primary business being gnomes and a few richer orcs. His mother had a strong tiefling bloodline, dating back to the Great War. He was raised fairly lavishly, but always felt a certain disdain for the humans that helped care for him.

Grimlock joined the military fairly young, and his charm and inspiration leadership style quickly propelled him up the ranks, albeit a hard fought ascension due to his tiefling heritage. After achieving Commander, his upward climb halted, and he grew impatient with the human leadership and questioned their decision making. Slowly dissent grew inside of him, and loftier aspirations for the tieflings were in his sights.

After slowly gathering up choice leadership, he started recruiting for an underground movement of tieflings tired of their stake in the world, with the intention of forming a sovereign province. The movement called itself The Infernal Ties. At Grimlock’s order, many of the cells in smaller provinces made violent and aggressive claims over territories, most of which were somewhat unsuccessful, but grabbing the humans attentions. Grimlock was pursued and arrested under the charges of treason and murder. The humans feared that if they simply killed him, it would cause a much larger uprising that would be harder to quell, and with the beginnings of the Skath invasion at their doorstep, they had enough problems to deal with. The humans attempted to try and find some connection between the uprising and the Skath invasion, but nothing could be found. Grimlock just found the situation advantageous, forcing the humans to fight on two fronts, firmly believing he wouldn’t have the same problems with the Skath that the humans did.

Grimlock Kordson

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