The Denizens of Gray 12

Trouble with the Fey

Short one member our party carried on. Several days after passing through to the other side of the mountains they came upon a Gnome merchant who made his home on the side of the forest. He sold them supplies and upgraded a few of their items. He then offered to teleport the party to their local via a magic portal he possessed. The party was skeptical at first but finally won over by the charismatic merchant. The Gnome activated the gate and several of the party members jumped through. Alas, it was no real portal, but a Gelatinous Ooze that they jumped into. The Gnome had somehow managed to tame a couple of mindless creatures. The Oozes were insistent about holding onto their snacks but the party managed to kill one of them. Zoidberg morphed into the Gnome after he was slain and convinced the other Ooze to retreat. The party took their gold back, and then some. They also found a magical, mechanical horse. They won over the Gnomes pet bear with snacks and took him with them.

Later the party came upon a scouting party of Eladrin on the shore. They were equiped with many supplies and a swift ship. Zoidberg attempted to distract them by adopting their appearance while the rest of the party snuck up on them. However, a clumsy Sally spoiled plan by falling down a nearby dune. A difficult battle ensued. Two of the Eladrin were particularly adept, but they were eventually defeated.

The party found plans for an assault on Last Tide. They then took the Eladrin ship and coerced its crew that serving them was preferable to death. The party set sail for White Thorn on their new ship, the Emerald Star.



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