The Denizens of Gray 12

Boats and Robots

While at sea the party was contacted by the Empress Adema via magical ritual. She asked them, in exchange for a shorter leash, to investigate the disappearance of one of her spies on a nearby island. The adventurers agreed and changed course. When they arrived they found an Eladrin prison, wherein they had been keeping those who got wind of their presence in the area.

What they also found was that the prison had just been taken over by its former inmates. The inmates did not mind them investigating the prison and they soon found the spy the Empress sought. Unfortunately he was dead. Adema did not appreciate the news but rewarded the party by magical removing the second gem from their bracer.

Grimlock asked if any of the inmates wanted to journey with them to White Thorn. Three decided to join them. There was a taciturn Duregar, a Frost Giant named Bloth, and a Warforged who could not remember his name.

Soon they set sail again for White Thorn. One night, while the Warforged they simply called ‘Lost’ and Grimlock were keeping guard they were set upon by some ferocious Sahaugin. The party managed to fend them off, though their leader escaped, with the help of Lost.

The next morning the party could the island of Den on the horizon. White Thorn lay just on its far end.



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